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Which Businesses You Can Start From 5 To 7 Lakh in Pakistan



If you have 5-7 lakhs and want to start a business in Pakistan, you have many options. The dynamic Pakistani market offers opportunities for various ventures. You can start a small business like a boutique or grocery store, or venture into service-based businesses like tutoring or event management. The booming tech sector also offers investment opportunities, such as digital marketing agencies or e-commerce platforms. Honest Pakistan has gathered all business ideas which can be started in 5 to 7 lakhs discussed below in detail:

Online Clothing Store

Imagine creating your own online platform showcasing the vibrant world of Pakistani fashion, featuring everything from classic shalwar kameez to stylish Kurtis. With a modest investment, you can establish a thriving online boutique and capitalize on the surging demand for trendy yet traditional attire. Tailor your offerings to cater to diverse preferences and special occasions, ensuring a seamless shopping experience with user-friendly navigation and secure payment gateways. Leverage social media and partner with influencers to amplify your reach and engage potential customers. By prioritizing product quality, exceptional customer service, and staying abreast of the latest fashion trends, you can establish a distinct identity in the online retail landscape and cultivate a loyal clientele.

Mobile Repair Shop

If you’re skilled at fixing electronic devices, consider starting your own mobile repair shop. People frequently need technicians to fix their smartphones when screens break or batteries fail. Offer quick repairs, sell accessories, and provide excellent customer service to gain customers’ trust and encourage repeat business. Choose a strategic location with plenty of foot traffic or near residential areas to attract a consistent flow of customers. Invest in high-quality tools and stay current with the latest mobile technology to stay competitive. With your expertise and dedication, your mobile repair shop can become a go-to destination for tech lovers in your area.

Home Based Bakery

Envision a cozy kitchen filled with the enticing aroma of freshly baked treats that tantalize the senses and beckon customers in. Your home-based bakery offers an authentic taste of Pakistan through traditional sweets and savory delights like crispy Samosas and indulgent Gulab Jamun. Display your creations on social media and spread the word to attract eager patrons. Cater to special events such as weddings and festivals by offering customized treats to delight guests. Prioritize high-quality ingredients, elegant presentation, and prompt delivery to establish a reputation for excellence. With unwavering passion and attention to detail, your home-based bakery can become a beacon of culinary experiences.

Freelance Services

Attention creatives! Using just a laptop and your talents, you can start offering services like graphic design, content creation, or digital marketing. Choose your own schedule, connect with global clients, and showcase your creativity while earning a satisfying income. Create a portfolio that highlights your abilities and expertise. Leverage freelance platforms and networking events to find clients who need your services. Prioritize delivering online work, adhering to deadlines, and providing excellent customer service to foster lasting relationships and generate referrals. Embrace industry innovations and continually develop your skills to stay ahead.

Freelance Services at home

Fitness Classes

As health consciousness rises, fitness classes remain highly sought after. From yoga enthusiasts to aerobics junkies and HIIT fans, offering fitness classes provides a rewarding opportunity. Choose to host in-person sessions in a convenient park or reach a wider audience with virtual classes online, catering to diverse preferences. Personalize workouts based on goals and fitness levels to maximize engagement and progress. Leverage social media and community channels to spread the word and attract participants. Offer trial sessions and package deals to entice sign-ups and cultivate a loyal clientele. Foster a supportive and inspiring atmosphere where participants feel motivated and empowered on their fitness journeys.


Aspiring bloggers can start their journey even with a budget of 5 to 7 lakhs. Blogging is one of the small business ideas which can be considered if you are good at writing or can hire writers for your blog website. Begin by identifying your niche, which should align with your passion and resonate with potential readers. Invest in a visually appealing website and consider basic SEO tools to enhance your online presence. Leverage social media for effective blog promotion and audience engagement. Through consistent writing, dedication, and smart marketing strategies, you can establish a successful blog that monetizes through advertising and affiliate marketing. Transform your writing passion into a flourishing business.

Event Photography

With a budget of 5-7 lakhs, it’s possible to launch a modest event photography venture. Allocate funds strategically, invest in essential gear and editing software, prioritizing quality rather than quantity. Market your services effectively through online platforms, local ads, and networking events. Showcase your talent through a compelling portfolio that aligns with your target clients preferences. Set competitive prices to attract budget-conscious customers while maintaining profitability.

Local Grocery Store

So, you’ve always dreamed of owning your own grocery store, but you’re not sure if you can do it with just 5 to 7 lakhs. Well, the good news is that it’s absolutely possible! Start by focusing on the essentials: a small retail space, some basic shelving and refrigeration units, and enough inventory to get started. You might have to start small, maybe focusing on a niche market or offering specialty products that aren’t available at larger stores. And don’t forget about customer service—creating a welcoming atmosphere and providing personalized attention can help set your store apart from the competition. With careful planning and hard work, you can build a successful grocery store business that serves your community and provides a steady in

Dogs breeding Business

If you are looking to start any business from 5 to 7 lacs in Pakistan then you can consider a dog breeding business which you can start easily in Pakistan. You can invest in popular and trending dog breeds then run your business by selling them at a good price. You must have proper knowledge about dogs to start this business because there are a lot of types of dogs and their breed and its very important for you to know which one people prefer to buy and how you can run your business in the Pakistani market.

Tuition Center

If you’re passionate about teaching and eager to launch your own tuition center, you can make it happen with a modest investment of 5-7 lakhs. Choose a specialized subject or niche where you excel. Acquire essential teaching resources and consider renting a modest space to kickstart your operation. Leverage word-of-mouth marketing by encouraging your students to recommend your center. With determination and effort, you can establish a thriving tuition center that not only supports student learning but also generates a stable income stream for you.

online tutor

Birds & Pets Reselling

Are you passionate about birds and pets? Start your dream online business with a budget of 5-7 lakhs! Acquire healthy birds and pets like vibrant parrots and playful kittens. Build a user-friendly website for customers to find their desired companions. Invest in marketing to reach pet enthusiasts in Pakistan. With your love for animals and hard work, your online bird and pet reselling business will soar to success!


In Pakistan, there are many ways to start a business with a budget of 5 to 7 lakhs. This can include online clothing stores, mobile repair shops, or freelance work. With careful planning, creativity, and hard work, it is possible to turn these small investments into successful businesses. Even though you are starting with a small amount of money, these businesses can grow and succeed over time. So, be brave, follow your dreams, and start your entrepreneurial journey with confidence.

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