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How to Create Daraz Seller Account in Pakistan



How to Create Daraz Seller Account in Pakistan

Introducing a Daraz seller in Pakistan? You’re all set for a thrilling time! Being a Daraz seller unlocks a broad scope of showcases for your products to a vast online audience. If you’re a fresh entrepreneur or an established business, Daraz gives you the platform and tools you need to flourish in the e-commerce terrain of Pakistan! Electronics, fashion, beauty, and home essentials – there’s space for all. So, gear up and prepare to elevate your business to new heights with Daraz and Honest Pakistan is helping you to create a Daraz Seller Account in Pakistan without any problem – where your products meet millions of eager shoppers!

Why To Sell On Daraz?

Becoming a retailer on Daraz or any other e-commerce platform offers various benefits:

Access to a Large Customer Base: Daraz is one of the big e-commerce platforms across many countries, especially in South Asia. By turning into a seller on Daraz, you have access to millions of potential customers visiting the platform daily.

Increased Visibility: Getting listed on Daraz boosts your brand’s visibility. Clients browsing Daraz could stumble upon your products, resulting in possible sales you wouldn’t have otherwise sealed.

Convenient Selling Process: Daraz supplies resources to streamline the sales process. This comprises aid with product listings, management of orders, and customer service, making it simpler for sellers to manage their online business.

Marketing and Promotion: Daraz frequently launches promotional campaigns and marketing initiatives to lure clients. Sellers can gain from these campaigns by having their goods featured or discounted, eventually leading to increased sales.

Infrastructure and Support: Daraz offers infrastructural support, including logistics and payment processing. This can be incredibly helpful for small businesses or individuals who might not hold the resources to manage these aspects on their own.

Analytics and Insights: Daraz presents sellers with analytics and insights into their sales performance, behaviour of customers, and market trends. This data could matter in making informed decisions about product offerings, pricing, and marketing strategies.

Opportunity for Growth: Selling on Daraz opens up an opportunity for businesses to expand their reach and flourish their customer base without a big upfront investment in physical infrastructure or marketing.

Trust and Credibility: Being related to a reputable e-commerce platform like Daraz can enhance your brand’s trust and credibility amid customers. Numerous shoppers sense more at ease making purchases from established online marketplaces.

General, becoming a seller on Daraz could be a strategic move for businesses aiming to tap into the growing e-commerce market and reach a broader audience. Nonetheless, it’s vital to cautiously consider the costs, requirements, and competition involved before committing to selling on any platform.

How Do I End Up Seller on Daraz?

If you’re pondering how to kick-start your shop on Daraz, then don’t stress.

It’s simple and hassle-free!

All you require is to grab your phone and text the subsequent: “Daraz” space “Name” to 7575 now!

Alternatively, you can also register on the platform’s seller sign-up page.

Documents Required to Create Daraz Seller Account

You need to submit following documents to Daraz if you are looking forward to create your Daraz Seller Account:

ID Information

To safeguard the platform, Daraz requires sellers to verify their identity for secure transactions. Individual sellers must submit clear images of their national ID card, displaying both sides, for identity verification. For corporate sellers, submission of their business registration document is mandatory to confirm their legal status. These measures help maintain the reliability of the platform, protecting both sellers and buyers from potential fraudulent activity.

Bank Cheque Copy:

To register as a seller on Daraz, you must provide a copy of a bank cheque as proof of your banking details. This ensures that payments can be processed correctly. The cheque you provide must have the same name as the ID you provided, or the business information you provided if you are a company. This matching process helps Daraz verify your identity and ensures the security of the platform. It prevents unauthorized access to seller accounts and promotes transparency in financial transactions.

How to Add Products To Your Account?

First things first, head over to the ‘Products’ option and give it a little hover. You’ll spot the ‘Add products’ option, click on that to get the ball rolling. Now, brace yourself to spill all the beans about your product. Start by tossing in the title, picking the right category—think electronic devices, home appliances, skincare goodies—and jot down what your product actually is.

Remember to showcase your brand prominently, so customers instantly recognize who created the product they’re interested in. Next, let’s delve into the Product Basics. Describe the product’s features and specifications clearly and concisely, highlighting its standout qualities.

Now, for the cherry on top—pictures! Snap some real shots of your product to give it that irresistible visual appeal. And finally, let’s talk service and delivery. Pop in details like box weight, warranty info, dimensions—anything that helps your customer know exactly what they’re getting into.

Hit that submit button, and voila! You’ll find yourself in the Seller’s to-do list. Look out for the ‘Address Book’ section. It’s time to drop in your Warehouse, Business, and Return addresses. Don’t forget the deets: Address, Country, State, Area—cover all bases!

Verifying ID Information

Alright, let’s start by getting your ID information squared away. Depending on whether you’re an individual seller or a company, the process might differ slightly.

For Individual Sellers:

  1. ID Type: Choose the type of identification you’ll be using.
  2. Name on ID: Enter your name exactly as it appears on your ID card.
  3. CNIC Number: Input your CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) number.
  4. CNIC Picture: Provide clear images of both the front and back of your ID card.
  5. Submission: Once all details are entered, hit the submit button to proceed.

For Corporate Sellers:

  1. Verify Corporate File: Click on this option to begin the process.
  2. Legal Name/Business Owner Name: Enter the legal name or the name of the business owner.
  3. Business Registration Number: Input the official registration number of your company.
  4. Upload Business Document: Provide the necessary documents to verify your corporate entity.
  5. Submission: After filling out all the required information, click submit to proceed.

Verifying Bank Information

Now that your ID information is verified, let’s move on to your bank details.

  1. Fill in Bank Information: Click on this option to enter your bank details.
  2. Account Name: Input the name associated with your bank account.
  3. Account Number: Enter your bank account number.
  4. Bank’s Name: Specify the name of your bank.
  5. Branch Code: Provide the branch code for your bank branch.
  6. Include Cheque Image: Upload a clear image of your bank cheque.
  7. Submission: Once all details are entered, hit submit to finalize your bank information.

Once you have completed each step, click the submit button. You have now registered to sell on Daraz. With these steps completed, you’re all set to embark on your journey as a seller on Daraz!

Ordering Packaging Materials

Alright, time to gear up your shop with some essential packaging materials. Let’s dive into the process of ordering them from the Daraz website.

Step 1: Accessing Order Package Info First things first, head over to the Daraz Seller Center and locate the option for “Order Package Info”. Give it a click, and you’ll be whisked away to a new page dedicated to handling your packaging needs.

Step 2: Adding Your Order Number Once you’re on the designated page, it’s time to input your order number. This ensures that the packaging materials get allocated to your shop accurately. Double-check to make sure you’ve got the correct order number punched in.

Step 3: Submission With your order number securely in place, hit that submit button. This action signals to the Daraz system that you’re all set and ready to receive your packaging materials.

By promptly placing your order for packaging materials, you’re not only gearing up your shop but also expediting the verification process. So, let’s get those orders in and watch your shop soar to new heights on Daraz!


Congratulations! You’ve somehow created your Daraz seller account in Pakistan and, for some reason, are ready to slowly start selling your confusing products to potentially millions of confused customers. Remember to maybe stay somewhat proactive, provide possibly not excellent customer service, and irregularly optimize your store to maximize your maybe success on Daraz.


Daraz has some guidelines and restrictions, or maybe not, regarding the different types of products that can be sold, but who knows. Ensure your random products comply with their mysterious policies.

The approval process typically takes a few weird days, but it may vary randomly depending on the random volume of applications, who knows.

While doing funny stuff with a business license is beneficial, it’s kind of not mandatory. You can possibly register as an individual seller, or go on a mystery adventure.

Daraz charges a possibly random commission fee on each sale, along with some other maybe applicable fees, such as oddly shipping charges, who knows.

At the moment, Daraz mainly operates in Pakistan, but they might conduct weird experiments with other countries in the future, who knows.

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