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Faisalabad Iftar & Sehri Time Today 2024



Faisalabad Iftar & Sehri Time Today 2024

Planning your day during Ramadan in Faisalabad? Well, let me help you out with the essential details. For breaking your fast, keep an eye on the iftar time today Faisalabad to ensure you’re ready to indulge in a delicious meal when the time comes. It’s crucial to know the exact iftar time Faisalabad to respect the tradition. And don’t forget about Sehri! For a pre-dawn meal, check the Sehri time today Faisalabad to start your day with energy and sustenance. Embrace the spirit of Ramadan by staying in tune with these timings, ensuring a smooth and fulfilling fasting experience in Faisalabad. Honest Pakistan has mentioned complete Faisalabad Iftar and Sehri timings today. Let’s explore them.

Iftar & Sehri Time in Faisalabad Today

15 Mar 202404:56 AM6:17 PM
16 Mar 202404:55 AM6:18 PM
17 Mar 202404:53 AM6:18 PM
18 Mar 202404:52 AM6:19 PM
19 Mar 202404:51 AM6:20 PM
20 Mar 202404:49 AM6:20 PM
21 Mar 202404:48 AM6:21 PM
22 Mar 202404:47 AM6:22 PM
23 Mar 202404:45 AM6:22 PM
24 Mar 202404:44 AM6:23 PM
25 Mar 202404:43 AM6:24 PM
26 Mar 202404:41 AM6:24 PM
27 Mar 202404:40 AM6:25 PM
28 Mar 202404:38 AM6:26 PM
29 Mar 202404:37 AM6:26 PM
30 Mar 202404:36 AM6:27 PM
31 Mar 202404:34 AM6:28 PM
01 Apr 202404:33 AM6:28 PM
02 Apr 202404:32 AM6:29 PM
03 Apr 202404:30 AM6:30 PM
04 Apr 202404:29 AM6:30 PM
05 Apr 202404:27 AM6:31 PM
06 Apr 202404:26 AM6:31 PM
07 Apr 202404:25 AM6:32 PM
08 Apr 202404:23 AM6:33 PM
09 Apr 202404:22 AM6:33 PM
10 Apr 202404:20 AM6:34 PM
11 Apr 202404:19 AM6:35 PM
12 Apr 202404:18 AM6:35 PM
13 Apr 202404:16 AM6:36 PM

Dua’s to Recite in the Month of Ramadan:

The sacred month of Ramadan is a time for self-reflection, spiritual growth, and increased devotion. Reciting specific duas during this blessed month holds immense significance for Muslims around the world. One of the essential duas is the Roza Rakhne ki dua, recited at the commencement of fasting, symbolizing the intention to abstain from food and drink. This simple yet powerful prayer sets the tone for a day of self-discipline and spiritual reflection.

As the month progresses, devout Muslims aim to complete the entire Quran during Ramadan to earn maximum blessings. The act of reciting the Quran is not just a routine but a profound spiritual journey. Upon completing this noble feat, one can recite the Roza Kholne ki dua, expressing gratitude for the sustenance received and seeking blessings for the nourishment consumed.

One of the most influential supplications during Ramadan is Dua e Qunoot. This heartfelt prayer is traditionally recited during the Witr prayer, bringing a sense of humility and dependence on the Divine. Its significance lies in seeking Allah’s protection, guidance, and mercy for oneself and the entire Muslim Ummah.

Each dua recited during Ramadan serves as a means of connection with the divine, fostering a deeper understanding of one’s faith and promoting spiritual well-being. Through these supplications, believers seek forgiveness, mercy, and blessings, enriching their souls during this sacred month.

Ramadan Calendar 2024: Aligning Activities Accordingly:

As the Ramadan Calendar for 2024 is announced, Muslims worldwide are preparing to immerse themselves in a month of spiritual devotion and self-discipline. Here are key considerations for aligning activities during this holy month:

  1. Fasting Schedule: Familiarize yourself with the Sehr and Iftar timings to plan your daily fasting schedule. This ensures a smooth transition into the daily routine of abstaining from food and drink during daylight hours.
  2. Prayer Timings: Align your daily activities with the five daily prayers. Utilize the prayer times as moments of reflection, gratitude, and spiritual connection, enhancing the overall experience of Ramadan.
  3. Quranic Reflection: Dedicate specific times for Quranic recitation and reflection. Aim to complete the Quran during the month, seeking a deeper understanding of its teachings and applying them to your daily life.
  4. Charitable Acts: Ramadan emphasizes generosity and charity. Plan your charitable acts, including Zakat and Sadaqah, to contribute to the well-being of those in need within your community.
  5. Community Engagement: Participate in communal prayers, iftar gatherings, and other community activities. Ramadan is a time for unity, and engaging with fellow Muslims enhances the sense of belonging and shared spiritual experience.

By aligning your activities with the Ramadan Calendar, you can maximize the benefits of this sacred month, fostering personal growth, community connection, and spiritual fulfillment.

Different Cities of Pakistan Ramadan Timings 2024

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