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Karachi Postal Codes of Different Areas



Karachi Postal Codes of Different Areas

Navigating the vibrant streets of Karachi becomes a breeze when armed with the knowledge of Karachi zip codes. These numeric identifiers play a pivotal role in simplifying mail delivery and locating specific areas within this bustling metropolis. From the bustling markets of Saddar to the serene neighborhoods of Clifton, each locality boasts its own unique zip code, making postal services efficient and precise. So, whether you’re sending a letter to a friend in Gulshan-e-Iqbal or parceling a package to someone in Korangi, knowing the Karachi zip codes ensures your mail reaches its destination swiftly in this city where every code unlocks a different corner of life. Honest Pakistan compiled all Karachi postal codes of different areas that are listen below:

List of Karachi Postal Code of Different Areas

Area NamePostal Code
Buffer Zone75850
Al-Hyderi GPO74700
Baldia Town75760
Karachi Board of Secondary Education75990
Karachi ITE75700
Nazimabad 74600
Karachi PNAD75790
New Karachi75850
Orangi Town75800
Karachi City GPO74000
Karachi Habib Bank75650
Maripur AF75750
Maripur CE75780
Sher Shah Colony75730
Karachi GPO74200
Karachi Governor House75580
Karachi Hotel Metropole75520
Karachi Cantt. 75530
Defence Housing Society75500
Karachi JPMC75510
Karachi Saddar GPO74400
Karachi Federal B Area75950
Karachi Gulistan-e-Johar75290
Karachi Gulshan-e-Iqbal 75300
Karachi Gulshan-e-Jamal 75260
Karachi Gulzar-e-Hijri75330
Karachi Mosamyat Chowrangi75280
Karachi New Sabzi Mandi75340
Karachi Nishtar Road75550
Karachi PECHS Block 275400
Karachi University 75270
Mehmoodabad 75460
New Town GPO74800

Karachi, Pakistan’s economic hub, exhibits a mosaic of diverse neighborhoods, each assigned a unique postal code to streamline mail delivery. From the central area of Saddar (74400) to the upscale locale of Clifton (75600), and the historic Lyari district (75660), these codes play a pivotal role in ensuring efficient communication. Meanwhile, Lahore, another major Pakistani city, boasts its own set of postal codes. From the historical heart of Mall Road (54000) to the vibrant Gulberg (54660), Lahore postal codes cater to the city’s varied areas, facilitating the seamless functioning of postal services and contributing to efficient communication and logistics.


Karachi Defence postal code is 75500.

Gulshan e Iqbal postal code is 75300.

A postal code, often referred to as a ZIP code in Pakistan, is a series of letters or digits appended to a postal address to facilitate the sorting and delivery of mail. It helps identify specific geographic areas within a city or region for efficient mail distribution.

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