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Which things Pakistan is significantly doing Better than India?



Let’s examine areas where Pakistan excels compared to India. Beyond women fighter pilots and television shows, Pakistan showcases its strengths in resource management, poverty reduction, and gender equality. Its vibrant music and cuisine contribute to a distinctive cultural experience. We’ll delve into Pakistan’s approach, uncovering the factors behind its achievements. Join Honest Pakistan in discovering why Pakistan stands out on the world stage and how it compares favorably to India.

Taking to the Skies: Female Fighter Pilots

Pakistan proudly boasts an exceptional achievement that India lacks: female fighter pilots. Breaking societal norms, these remarkable women have taken to the skies, proving that gender poses no obstacle in defending their nation. Their courage and skill have shattered stereotypes, inspiring admiration worldwide. When you witness fighter jets soaring high above, know that Pakistan’s fearless females may be at the helm, safeguarding their country with unwavering determination.

Pakistani female pilot

TV Serials: Drama Done Right

Pakistani TV dramas stand out for their distinct style. They excel in creating concise, engaging stories that captivate viewers. Unlike some Indian serials with long-running plotlines, Pakistani dramas present a focused narrative. Moreover, many are adapted from novels or short stories, providing depth and emotional resonance. If you seek engaging TV shows without excessive plot complications, Pakistani serials offer a refreshing alternative that values your time and appreciates your intellect.

Managing Public Spaces

Have you strolled through Lahore’s vibrant streets? If so, you’ll appreciate the unusual order amidst the typical South Asian city chaos. Pakistan maintains organized public areas with carefully landscaped greenery, offering a contrast to the urban bustle. Even the roads are slightly improved, reducing the usual chaos. In a region known for its disorder, Pakistan’s focus on cleanliness and public space management is remarkable.

Resource Management: Making the Most of Less

Despite India’s vastness, Pakistan’s smaller size allows it to effectively utilize its resources. While facing significant challenges, Pakistan remains determined to overcome them. Its impressive canal system ensures efficient water distribution, vital for agricultural productivity. Functional roads facilitate connectivity and economic growth, despite some obstacles. Moreover, Pakistan’s efforts to address economic disparities offer hope for a more equitable future.

Poverty Rates

Prepare to be amazed: Pakistan’s poverty levels are surprisingly lower than India’s, as revealed by a United Nations report. Despite facing difficulties, Pakistan has maintained lower poverty rates than its neighbor. This unexpected finding defies common assumptions and highlights the resilience of Pakistani citizens amidst challenges. It serves as a reminder that reality can be more extraordinary than we imagine.


News Media: A Different Narrative

let’s talk about the news – specifically, how Pakistan is depicted in Indian media. Ever flipped through the channels and noticed how Pakistan often gets painted in a rather unflattering light? It’s like they’ve got a one-track mind, constantly demonizing their neighbor to the west. But here’s the kicker: that portrayal is often a far cry from reality.

Now, let’s flip the script and take a peek at Pakistani news outlets. Here’s where things get interesting. Instead of focusing all their energy on bashing India, they’re more concerned with tackling internal issues head-on. It’s like they’ve got their priorities straight, you know?

And that, my friends, is what I call a breath of fresh air in the world of journalism. It’s a refreshing departure from the sensationalism and fear-mongering that often dominate the headlines. Instead of perpetuating stereotypes and fueling animosity, Pakistani news outlets choose to shine a light on their own backyard, addressing the issues that truly matter to their people.

So, next time you’re tuning in to the news, take a moment to appreciate the different perspectives out there. Who knows? You might just learn a thing or two about the power of focusing on what really counts.

Better Coke Studio & Music Taste

Since the late 1980s, Pakistan has been producing exceptional music catering to various tastes. From the soulful tunes of Coke Studio to energetic English-language bands, Pakistan’s music scene is a refreshing departure from the ordinary. It offers a diverse array of sounds that resonate deeply with listeners. Tune into Pakistan’s music and let its melodies uplift your spirits and provide a musical respite from the mundane.

Amazing Pakistani Fast Bowlers

Fellow cricket enthusiasts, prepare for an exciting conversation! Pakistan is not only famous for its tantalizing dishes but also for its exceptional cricket prowess, particularly its renowned bowling talent. Imagine yorkers that swing, making batters bewildered, and electrifying deliveries that send shivers down the spines of top batsmen. Pakistan has produced legendary fast bowlers, such as Shoaib Akhtar and Waseem Akram. They have a knack for dominating on the pitch. Keep a sharp eye out for those skilled Pakistani bowlers during your next match; they’ll undoubtedly challenge you and provide an unforgettable viewing experience.

Gender Equality: Progress in Motion

Let’s discuss the unexpected topic of gender equality in Pakistan. Despite its reputation for conservatism, Pakistan is gradually making significant strides toward empowering women. This transformation is like a refreshing breeze in a society known for its traditional values. And it’s not merely rhetoric; actual progress is being made. Pakistani women are gaining more opportunities in areas like maternal healthcare, education, and other fields, steadily claiming their place in society. It’s a gradual journey, but any progress is a step in the right direction.

Pakistani Food & Cuisines

Pakistani cuisine is known for its ample portions and comforting flavors. Each dish exudes a sense of home and warmth, providing solace with every bite. From fragrant biryanis to juicy kebabs, Pakistani cuisine excels at creating dishes that evoke feelings of comfort and familiarity. If you seek culinary comfort, let the flavors of Pakistan embrace you. Your taste buds will undoubtedly be delighted by this culinary paradise.


Pakistan stands out from India in several areas. Pakistan has trailblazing female fighter pilots, creates captivating and focused TV shows, and maintains organized public spaces. It demonstrates resilience and originality. Remarkably, Pakistan manages resources effectively, has reduced poverty, and promotes gender equality. Its vibrant music and delectable cuisine offer a singular cultural experience. Recognizing Pakistan’s achievements, despite common challenges faced by both nations, enhances our understanding and appreciation of its global contributions.

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