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Best Swimming Pools In Karachi



Dive into the cool oasis of relaxation with the myriad of Swimming Pools in Karachi. This bustling city isn’t just about the lively streets and delicious food; it’s also a haven for those seeking aquatic bliss. From chic rooftop pools offering a panoramic cityscape to family-friendly spots with playful slides, Karachi’s pool scene has it all. Imagine basking in the sun, surrounded by the vibrant energy of the city, or taking a refreshing dip after a day of exploring. Whether you’re a local looking for a weekend escape or a visitor eager to make a splash, discover the diverse charm of Swimming Pools in Karachi. Honest Pakistan has gathered a list of these best swimming pools in Karachi that you can consider for amazing swimming experience.

Karachi Gymkhana

Welcome to Karachi Gymkhana, a prestigious establishment founded in 1886, where history meets modern recreation. Exclusively crafted for its members, the club unfolds a plethora of offerings from 6 A.M to midnight, ensuring a daily dose of leisure. Among its many gems is a 25-meter covered Swimming Pool equipped with heating systems, transcending seasonal constraints for enthusiastic swimmers.

Immerse yourself in aquatic bliss amid top-notch filtration and cleaning systems that maintain the pool’s pristine condition. The club ensures a seamless experience with separate dressing rooms catering to children, gents, and ladies. For our little members, there are covered pools designed just for toddlers, ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment.

But the aquatic delights don’t end there – rejuvenate in the sauna, unwind in the steam bath, or indulge in the soothing bubbles of the Jacuzzi. Expertise is at your service, with highly qualified coaches and vigilant lifeguards ensuring a secure and enjoyable swimming experience.

At Karachi Gymkhana, it’s not just a swim; it’s a lifestyle. Dive into the rich history and contemporary comforts, making every lap, every moment, a celebration of wellness and camaraderie.

Location: 4 Club Rd, Civil Lines, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh

KMC Sports Complex

Discover the ultimate fitness haven at the City Sports Complex, formerly known as the KMC Sports Complex, nestled on Kashmir Road in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. More than just a sports hub, it’s a one-stop destination catering to all your fitness and recreational needs.

Dive into the joy of swimming, showcase your tennis prowess, conquer the squash court, shoot hoops in basketball, finesse your table tennis skills, embrace the discipline of taekwondo, or glide on the skating rink—all at budget-friendly rates. This sports complex boasts a grand swimming pool, welcoming ladies, gents, and children to make a splash from 6 am to 9 am and 5 pm to 9 pm.

For those ready to commit to a fit lifestyle, a membership fee of Rs7,800 opens the door to a world of sports for the entire family. Alternatively, experience the facilities with a one-time entry at just Rs.200 per person.

Beyond the aqua oasis, the complex offers a diverse range of activities – from skating in the rink to rallying on the tennis court, hitting the top-notch gym, or enjoying a leisurely jog on the track. The City Sports Complex isn’t just a place; it’s a vibrant community where fitness meets fun, making it a prime destination among the array of swimming pools in Karachi.

Location: Kashmir Rd, Muslimabad, Karachi City, Sindh

DHA Sports Club

Looking to take a refreshing dive into the world of sports in Karachi? Look no further than the DHA Sports Club, home to the Moin Khan Academy, a beacon of excellence in professional sports coaching. Headed by the illustrious former Pakistan captain and wicket-keeper, Moin Khan, whose legacy extends from 1990 to 2004 with the Pakistan Cricket Team, this club is a game-changer in the realm of sports facilities.

Nestled in the serene and secure corner of DHA Phase VIII, the club boasts the distinction of being one of the safest venues for mega sports events in the bustling city. The crown jewel of the academy is its state-of-the-art swimming pool, measuring an impressive 25 meters in length and approximately 13.7 meters in width. A haven for both professional swimmers and divers, the pool offers a unique experience for those seeking aquatic excellence.

Dive into the cool waters and embrace the thrill of swimming in a facility equipped with floodlights, ensuring that your aquatic adventures can extend into the evening. Moreover, the club is considerate of its diverse audience, offering a separate section for ladies and kids, making it a family-friendly destination.

For those in search of an affordable option to take a dip and escape the heat, DHA Sports Club stands as the epitome of excellence among swimming pools in Karachi. Immerse yourself in a world where sportsmanship meets serenity, and every stroke propels you towards a healthier, more active lifestyle.

Location: Khayaban-e-Shaheen, D.H.A. Phase 8 Zone B Phase 8 Defence Housing Authority, Karachi, Sindh 75500

DA Sunset Club

DA Sunset Club

DA Sunset Club, a haven for sports enthusiasts and those seeking a delightful dining experience since its establishment in 1989. Nestled on Khayaban-e-Jami Phase-II, this sprawling 45,000-square-yard facility is a testament to the perfect blend of recreation and relaxation.

Dive into a world of aquatic bliss with their state-of-the-art swimming pools. For the ladies, they offer a fully covered 25-meter pool, ensuring privacy and comfort. The men also have their exclusive aquatic retreat, equally modern and inviting. Worried about the little ones? Fret not, as they have a separate swimming facility designed just for children.

DA Sunset Club pools are not just a refreshing dip; they are an experience. With continuous filtered and chemically treated water, your swim is both safe and invigorating. A vigilant lifeguard is on duty round the clock, ensuring your safety while you enjoy the all-weather pools. The aquatic fun doesn’t stop when the sun sets; their pools are open until 10:00 pm, allowing members to unwind beneath the starlit sky.

Discover the epitome of aquatic excellence at the DA Sunset Club – the go-to destination for swimming pools in Karachi. Immerse yourself in the joy of swimming, laughter, and relaxation at their exclusive aquatic oasis.

Location: Main Khayaban-e-Jami Road, Phase-II (Ext), DHA, Karachi

AKUH Sports and Rehabilitation Centre

Dive into a world of fitness and fun at the Agha Khan University Hospital’s top-notch sports facilities! Offering a blend of indoor and outdoor activities, their sports center is the epitome of international standards. The membership is open to everyone, and students at AKUH can take full advantage of these fantastic services.

One standout feature is their Olympic-sized swimming pool, a haven for both beginners and youngsters looking to make a splash. The pool, partially covered by a canopy, ensures an ideal environment for swimming enthusiasts. What sets AKUH apart is their commitment to providing a safe and enjoyable experience, evident in their excellent lighting arrangement for those late-night swims.

Open seven days a week from 12 pm to 10 pm, the AKUH sports center caters to all schedules. Whether you’re a morning fitness fanatic or prefer an evening dip, there’s a time slot for everyone. Don’t forget to adhere to their special policy of wearing swimming equipment, ensuring not only a stylish swim but also a safe one.

So, if you’re searching for top-notch swimming pools in Karachi, look no further than Agha Khan University Hospital. Dive in, make a splash, and embrace a healthier, happier you!

Location: National Stadium Road, Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi.

Avari Tower Karachi

Avari Tower, a beacon of opulence in the city. Renowned for its exceptional hospitality, this five-star establishment goes above and beyond by offering an exquisite experience at its lavish swimming pool.

A spectacular, temperature-controlled oasis inviting you to complete your fitness routine with invigorating laps or indulge in a refreshing splash, regardless of the season. Avari Tower’s swimming pool isn’t just a pool; it’s a haven where luxury meets recreation.

Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast ticking off your daily laps or someone seeking a tranquil escape, this pool caters to all. Even in the vibrant hustle of Karachi, personalized swimming sessions are available year-round, ensuring that your experience is tailored to perfection.

In a city known for its hustle and bustle, Avari Tower stands as a serene retreat, offering a blend of fitness and luxury at its remarkable swimming pool. So, when you think of swimming pools in Karachi, let your thoughts drift to the indulgence awaiting you at Avari Tower. Dive into a world where every splash is a moment of pure luxury.

Location: Fatima Jinnah Road, 15503 Karachi, Pakistan

Paragon Karachi

Dive into a world of luxury and fitness at Paragon, where the lavish swimming pool is the crown jewel of superior services. They take pride in providing an environment that not only meets but exceeds expectations. Expert trainers are committed to ensuring a friendly and safe atmosphere for both gents and ladies.

Paragon understands the importance of convenience, which is why separate pool timings are offered for gents and ladies. Ladies can bask in the refreshing waters from 10 am to 4 pm, enjoying a peaceful and invigorating swim under expert supervision. For the gentlemen, the pool is open from 4 pm to 10 pm, allowing them to unwind after a long day or kickstart their evening fitness routine.

The commitment to excellence extends beyond the sparkling waters of the pool. With expert trainers on hand, you can rest assured that your swimming experience will be both enjoyable and beneficial to your fitness goals. Paragon’s swimming pool is not just a facility; it’s a haven for those seeking a holistic approach to health and well-being.

Come experience the best of swimming pools in Karachi at Paragon – where luxury meets fitness in a welcoming and expertly supervised environment. Dive in and make a splash towards a healthier you!

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